Mergui Archipelago


Boulder Island on the western side of the Mergui Archipelago in Myanmar is home to the “Boulder Bay Eco Resort”, which is scheduled to open its gates in autumn 2017. Overall a lot of attention has been paid to building with as little impact as possible, cutting trees only where absolutely needed and leaving the island in its natural state.

From $480
based on 2 travellers
October to April
every Tuesday and Saturday

Located 80 km away from the shoreline of Kawthaung, on the northernmost beach of Pila Island, this secluded beach is surrounded by virgin forest with a view out to the open Andaman Sea. The natural bay embraces a 600meter long beachfront, which is divided into two zones by a large rock formation, granting a more private experience. Beyond the beach lies a forested area, offering guests shade beneath a canopy of exotic trees.

From $810
based on 2 travellers
October to April

Wa Ale is located on the Amanda Sea and is a part of the Lampi Marine National Park. It is surrounded by a rich marine ecosystem and forestry. It consists of 11 beautiful beach villas and 2 intimate tree houses with a spectacular view of the Amanda Sea.
Fresh and healthy Mediterranean and Asian cuisines are served.

From $1.152
based on 2 travellers
October to April
every Saturday and Tuesday