Mergui Archipelago

The Mergui archipelago consists of over 800 islands with a total area of 25,900 km². With their unspoiled beaches, fine sandy beaches and extensive coral reefs, this secluded island group is the perfect location for diving, snorkelling, kayaking and fishing. 
The only human inhabitants of this beautiful area are sea gypsies (the Moken), a seafaring nomadic people. Life in the sea gypsy village is very simple and has hardly changed over the years. The Moken still use the same fishing techniques and boat construction as many generations ago.


Boulder Island on the western side of the Mergui Archipelago in Myanmar is home to the “Boulder Bay Eco Resort”, which is scheduled to open its gates in autumn 2017. Overall a lot of attention has been paid to building with as little impact as possible, cutting trees only where absolutely needed and leaving the island in its natural state.

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Mergui Archipelago