Nyaung Shwe

The solid infrastructure, proximity to the airport (Heho) and great location on a wide branch of the lake make Nyaung Shwe the ideal starting point to discover the region. The area is modest and is preparing ever more for an increase in tourism. Hotels, restaurants and bars are already making a visual impact on some of the streets. The local market entices with displays full of fruit, vegetables, rice, spices and self-rolled cigarettes. A local speciality is a tofu salad, made with chilli, coriander and sesame oil. On market days, a bustle of long boats reign, accumulating on the small canal. Nyaung Shwe is a good starting point for boat tours across Inle Lake. You should start such a tour early in the morning and dress warmly, as it is cold and the wind can be rather chilly.


Inle Lake, natural and unpolluted, is famous for its scenic beauty and the unique leg-rowing of the Inthas, the native lake-dwellers. Moreover, floating villages, colorful daily floating market and Inle Spa are places worthy to visit.


This vast and picturesque lake is situated in the hilly Shan State in the eastern part of Myanmar. With an elevation of 900 meters above sea-level, it is one of the main tourist attractions in Myanmar. The lake, 22 km long and 10 km wide, has a population of some 150,000, many of whom live on floating islands of vegetation. Inle Lake, natural and unpolluted, is famous for its scenic beauty and the unique leg-rowing of the Inthas, the native lake-dwellers. Moreover, floating villages, colorful daily floating market and Inle Spa are places worthy of visit. The festival of Phaung Daw Oo Pagoda in Inle Lake held during October is full of pageantry and colorful splendor.

How to get there

The most convenient way is to fly from Yangon, Bagan or Mandalay to Heho, which is the nearest airport to the lake. There are daily flights to Heho. If you are flying from Mandalay to Heho, it takes only 20 minutes. Traveling by car along the uphill and winding road over the Shan Plateau is interesting and well-worth taking although it takes long hours. There is also a regular train service via Thazi Junction to Heho and Shwe Nyaung, the nearest station to the lake.

What to see

Market days

The 5-day rotating market around Inle Lake offers a good opportunity to meet many different local tribes.

Please click here for the market days 2019/2020


The largest village on the Inlay Lake; its streets are a web of canals. There are some beautiful teak houses built on large wooden piles driven into the lake bed. The main activity and attraction is at the floating market In the largest canal. It is to the North West of our hotel. By boat, it will take 15 minutes. The magnificent floating market is renowned. You can visit the goldsmith workshops, observe the sculpture and umbrella industries.

Phaung Daw Oo Pagoda

One of the famous principal shrines in Myanmar, this pagoda houses five small Buddha images, which are much revered by the lake-dwellers. Once a year, in late September – early October, there is a pagoda festival during which, four of the five Buddha images tour around the lake in a colorful barge.


One of the small villages of Inle Lake located on the western bank of the lake. The ruin pagodas, hide in the bushes will give you an impression of you were in the 12th - 13th Centuries ago. This mysterious place is at the end of the marvellous Indein creek, which connected with Inle Lake just after the Phaung Daw Oo Pagoda. The creek is narrow with many twist and turns. Since the both sides are paddy fields you can see the farmers ploughing and harrowing by water buffaloes. At the lunch time while groups of farmers having lunch the water buffaloes enjoy themselves dipping in the creek. At many places in the creek the farmers dam up the water by bamboo barriers to irrigate the paddy fields. Indein water is not only useful for irrigation also for bathing and washing cloths. It is compulsory to see Novice monks, buffalo boys and village girls wash and swim in the creek.

Mine Thauk Market

A large and bustling market where you can find a real local atmosphere with a variety of produce from the lake.

Nga Phe Kyaung Monastery

This is an attractive wooden monastery built on stilts over the lake at the end of the 1850s. Aside from its collection of Buddhas the monastery may be of interest to visit because its monks have taught a few of the many cats living with them to jump through hoops.

Sangha & Hmawbi

Here you will have the opportunity to experience the original culture and traditional lifestyle of the Pao and Intha people. Kyauktaing, a small Shan village known for its pottery-making, and the village of Kyainkhan, where both monks’ robes (made from thousands of lotus stems) and strong alcohol (CS-Country Spirit) are produced.



Over 1,430 meters above sea-level, is the capital of Shan State in the eastern part of Myanmar. A hill station known for its scenic beauty, Taunggyi is cool and pleasant all the year round. There are pines, cherry and eucalyptus trees growing all over the town and the whole area is green and pleasant. The busiest part of Taunggyi is the Myoma Market, a place where people from the environs used to flock only once every five days to buy and sell their regional products. Now it has become a daily market and is constantly crowded with people. It is also the gathering point of different national races residing in Taunggyi. Another interesting place to visit in Taunggyi is the Cultural Museum where cultural objects, musical instruments, traditional dresses, household and farm implements, paintings, sculptures, arts and crafts of the different national races residing in Shan State can be seen. There are also 'Hawnans" (palatial residences) where the Shan Sawbwas (Shan Chieftains) used to live can also be observed.

Balloon Festival

In Taunggyi, the capital city of the Shan State, the people celebrate the Tazaungdine festival with Kahtein (offering of monk robes) as well as the releasing up fire-balloons into the sky. Balloons in the shape of elephant, ox, horse, water-buffalo, bird, pig, fish, owl and parrot are released. The Taunggyi festival is the biggest festival in the country. It is attended not only by Taunggyi Citizens but also by people from southern Shan State and many different races. Taungyi's Kahtein tradition is amazing and worthy of reverence.


A hidden treasure an unusual, magnificent collection of Buddhist Stupas unheard of by historians and unlisted in guide books lies in the deepest Pa-oh territory, 26 miles south of Taunggyi the capital of Shan State. There lies more than 2000 stupas in a site closely packed together in ranks covering an area of approximately a square kilometer apparently unknown to outside world. Kekku area is covered and scattered by Pa-oh villages especially stretching along on both sides of the main road from north to south. The land route for tour groups starting from Taunggyi is possible and accessible for all year round. But tours originated from Inle Lake are considered to be possible only in the open season from late October to early May or before heavy rain falls. The yearly religious festival normally takes about one week. The climax of this festival usually falls on full moon of the Tabaung (Mid-March) every year. The Kekku pagodas festival also draws thousands of visitors from all parts of the Shan State.


Kalaw, another hill station as well as peaceful summer resort nestled in pine-clad mountains, is 1,400 meters above sea-level. It is located 70 km west of Taunggyi. Many of the Tudor-style houses and English gardens of colonial days remain. In the neighborhood lie villages of Palaung and other hill tribes who come to Kalaw market held every five days in their colorful costumes, adding to the quiet attraction of Kalaw. Kalaw is a good place for hiking amid gnarled pines, bamboo groves and rugged mountain scenery. You can walk from Kalaw to Inle Lake in 2 to 3 days and stay overnight at local houses.

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The Inle Cottage Boutique Hotel, built in 2015, is located in a quiet area on the southern outskirts of Nyaung Shwe. From the hotel,...
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The Royal Nadi Resort is on the Nadi Mingalar Lake, between Shwe Nyaung and Nyaung Shwe. It is just 10 minutes’ drive from...
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The Thanaka Inle Hotel is on the canal linking the bustling town of Nyaung Shwe with Inle Lake. Thanks to this location, you can enjoy...
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The View Point Lodge, with its bungalows on stilts, is north of Inle Lake, on the edge of the town of Nyaung Shwe. Its location - on...
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The Sandalwood Hotel is in the centre of Nyaung Shwe, only 2 minutes’ walk from the boat landing stage. The multi-storey hotel...
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The Aquarius Inn is in a quiet part of Nyaung Shwe and only a few minutes on foot from the boat landing stage. You can reach the...
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The Inle Lotus Hotel is somewhat outside the town centre. A free shuttle service is available to guests from the boat landing stage,...
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The Amazing Nyaung Shwe Hotel is in a lively part of Nyaung Shwe, only a few minutes from the market on foot. The boat landing stage...
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The Paradise Hotel is in a quiet part of Nyaung Shwe, only a few minutes from the market on foot. The boat landing stage is also just...
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Mingalar Market

As with many Asian countries, market food can be not only the cheapest but also some of the tastiest food around. The food stalls at the Mingala Market serve excellent Myanmar cuisine at great prices. Shan noodles, samosas, tea leaf salad, chapatti, and mango salad can be found at the market and many street stalls throughout the town. Be sure to try a dish from a food stall to not miss out on some of the best authentic Burmese food you will find.

Four Sisters Restaurant/Inn

In case you stay overnight in Nyaung Shwe, you should not miss the dinner at the Four Sisters. The engaged sisters do not only serve excellent Shan kitchen, but accompany the meal also frequently with music and dance. The Four Sisters Inn is 1km south of Nyaung Shwe.

Opening Hours: 18:00 - 22:00
Address: Chaung of round bar 
Tel. 209190

Evergreen Restaurant

The small and friendly restaurant is located on Museum Road. Evergreen Restaurant is run by a young couple and serves Myanmar and Western dishes with a couple of tables on their small outside porch as well as a few inside. The menu includes tea leaf salad, Myanmar curries, salads, fish and chips, delicious juices and real coffee. For fresh and tasty food and excellent and affordable drinks, including cocktails.

Opening Hours: 06:00 - 22:00
Address: Corner of Yone Gyi St & Kyaung Taw Shae St, Myo Nal Qr, Nyaung Shwe Tsp.
Mobile: 09448076338

Green Chilli

Understated, high-quality Myanmar and Thai food served on the verandah of a colonial-style building near the lake. The effort and imagination put into the dishes and the surroundings is obvious. A well-run, friendly, and extremely tasty option.

Opening Hours: 09:00 - 22:00
Address: Hospital Road, Nyaung Shwe
Mobile: 095214101

Missou Kitchen

If you are looking for traditional, home cooked Shan and Intha food stop by Missou Kitchen. The small restaurant offers a selection of pork, fish and chicken dishes, as well as salads. Prices are reasonable and decent portion sizes are sure to leave diners satisfied. The lovely owner prides herself on fresh and authentic dishes. Missou Kitchen is located on Yone Gyi Road, next to the Hair Cat.

Opening Hours: 08:00 - 20:00
Address: Yone Gyi Road, Kanthar Quarter, Nyaun Shwe
Tel: 209061

The View Point Restaurant

Offers excellent local and continental cuisine and wines. You can dine while enjoying an amazing view of the canal, rice paddies and the highest mountains in the Inle region. The food and service are equal to the beautiful and exotic surroundings.

Opening Hours: 06:00 - 22:00
Address: No. 6 Museum Road, Thazi Quarter, Nyaung Shwe
Tel: 209062

Indra Indian Food

For a change from Myanmar curies and rice try Indra Indian Food on Yon Gyi Road. This family run restaurant serves good Indian fare at decent prices. The friendly owner is efficient and happy to prepare takeaway dishes for day trips or long bus rides. Popular menu items include curry, chapatti, Naan, and vegetarian dishes. The fresh and tasty meals at affordable prices make Indra Indian Food a great choice for budget minded diners.

Opening Hours: 09:00 - 21:00
Address: Yone Gyi Road, Near Hlaing Chu Monastery, Nyaung Shwe.
Mobile: 09420108822 / 09428333817

Golden Kite Restaurant

Fancy an Italian meal in Myanmar? Unlikely as it seems, the Golden Kite specializes in authentic Italian food. The menu also incorporates other European dishes, but the pizza and pasta are uncommonly good. Fair prices and a good atmosphere.

Opening Hours: 07:00 - 22:00
Address: Corner of Myawaddy Road and Yone Gyi Road, Nyaung Shwe
Tel:  29327

Inle Pancake Kingdom

As the name implies, Inle Pancake Kingdom is the place for pancakes in Nyaung Shwe. Choose from fillings like banana, chocolate, Shan forest honey, and fresh lemon with sugar, as well as strawberries and mango when in season. The small restaurant also serves fresh fruit smoothies, salads and snacks. Inle Pancake Kingdom is located on a narrow alley north of the sports field.

Opening Hours: 08:00 - 22:00
Address: Phoung Site Street, Nyaung Shwe
Tel: 209288


Nyaung Shwe is a good starting point for boat tours across Inle Lake. You should start such a tour early in the morning and dress warmly, as it is cold from December through until the end of February and there is an icy airstream.
The dock can be found at the main channel, directly next to the Best Western Thousand Island Hotel.
The boat, with its outboard engine, offers enough space for up to 5 people and can be hired through the hotel or at the dock directly.
An all-day standard boat tour to the floating village of Yoma, the weaver’s village Inpawkon, the Phaung-Daw-Oo Pagoda, the floating gardens and the Nga Phe Chaung Monastery costs approx. 20,000 Kyat (US$ 17). For a visit to Indein you will pay approx. 26,000 Kyat (US$ 22), and an all-day boat trip to Samkar costs approx. 67,000 Kyat (US$ 56).

Our travel tip:

Spend a few days away from the usual tourist trail. A three-hour boat trip will take you to Samkar, where you will have the opportunity to experience the original culture and traditional lifestyle of the Pao and Intha people. Overnight stays can be arranged in Samkar in “A Little Lodge in Samkar” as well as in the “Inle Sanctuary” in Phayartaung. 

You can also go on beautiful bike tours starting in Nyaung Shwe. You can either ride via Kaung Dine and then along the western bank of Inle Lake to Indein (approx. four hours), or along the eastern bank via Maing Thauk and Nampan and on to Samkar (approx. eight hours). It will then take you a further six hours from Samkar to Loikow.

Multi-day bike tours go from Nyaung Shwe to Kalaw or via Pindaya to Mandalay.

Single bikes are rented throughout Nyaung Shwe for between US$ 2 and US$ 3 and also by many hotels and guest houses. Good mountain bikes can also be rented from US$ 15 to US$ 20 per day.
Please check the bike thoroughly prior to the bike tour and also take it on a test run.


We will also be happy to find you vehicles with a driver included. The vehicles are in good condition and are air-conditioned. Before every long journey, the vehicle undergoes another thorough inspection and service. 

Reservation tips for vehicles:

Prices are indicated in US$ per vehicle for the respective service or route.

Car rental services charge an extra 50% during the Thingyan festival (water festival and New Year), which is held from 13th April to 17th April.

PRICES IN US$ PER VEHICLE, VALID 01.05.2019 – 30.04.2020

(up to 2 people)
Super custom
(up to 3 people)
(up to 6 people)
(18-24 people)
Heho - Nyaung Shwe27435582
Nyaung Shwe - Taunggyi2743  5582
Nyaung Shwe - Kekku - Nyaung Shwe577695122
Nyaung Shwe - Pindaya395580100
Nyaung Shwe - Pindaya - Kalaw5075100120

The landscape on route from Nyaung Shwe via Pindaya (approx. three hours) to Mandalay (approx. five hours) is extremely beautiful. On the way, stop in the charming village of Pindaya, home to the paper umbrella cottage industry, and visit the Pindaya Caves, which house more than 8,000 Buddhas. There is also good overnight accommodation in Pindaya.

You can also travel from Nyaung Shwe directly to Bagan or Mandalay. The journey takes up to eight hours to both places.  

Please note that one-way journeys are always more expensive because the driver also has to travel back to the departure location. 

Car rental services charge an extra 50% during the Thingyan festival (water festival and New Year), which is held from 13th April to 17th April.

PRICES IN US$ PER VEHICLE, VALID 01.05.2019 – 30.04.2020

(up to 2 people)
Super custom
(up to 3 people)
(up to 6 people)
(18-24 people)
Nyaung Shwe - Pindaya - Mandalay (2 days/1 night)239315370560
Nyaung Shwe - Mandalay200260290460
Nyaung Shwe - Bagan200260290460
Nyaung Shwe - Mt. Popa - Bagan (2 days/1 night)210261283495

Five airlines, which are constantly expanding their network, enable access to more and more new and exciting destinations off the beaten track - from mountain climbing and rafting in the north, to the unspoilt islands of the Mergui Archipelago and Andaman Lake.

There are daily flights from Heho to Mandalay, Bagan, Yangon and Tachileik.
There are daily flights direct to Thandwe (Ngapali Beach) during the peak tourist period from October to the end of April. Flights to destinations such as Kyaing Tong and Lashio are not available daily.

Domestic flights are offered by the following airlines:

Air KBZ: www.airkbz.com
Golden Myanmar Airlines: www.gmairlines.com
Myanmar National Airlines: www.flymna.com
Mann Yadanarpon Airlines: www.airmyp.com
Yangon Airways: www.yangonair.com

Luggage allowance for domestic flights:
The airlines carry a certain amount of checked bags (“luggage”) and hand luggage, free of charge.

One item of checked luggage up to 20 kg 
One item of hand luggage up to 8 kg

Please remember that each item of luggage should be labelled with your name and mobile/landline number before it is checked in at the airport.

Transfer and check-in:

Depart two and a half hours before your flight from Nyaung Shwe. The transfer time to the airport in Heho is one hour.

MandalaySeveral flights a day between 09:20 and 18:3035 minUS$ 76
BaganAvailable daily, morning flights from 09.30 and afternoon flights between 16:00 and 17:0040 minUS$ 89
YangonSeveral flights a day between 09:00 and 18:001 h 10 minUS$ 116
Thandwe (Ngapali Beach)Daily at 10:00 from October to the end of April1 hUS$ 121
TachileikAt least one flight a day between 11:30 and 14:0055 minUS$ 132
Kyaing TongMyanmar National Airlines ( www.flymna.com) flies to Kyaing Tong every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.35 minUS$ 168
LashioMyanmar National Airlines ( www.flymna.com) flies every Tuesday at 12:30 and Air Kamboza www.airkbz.com flies every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday at 13.50 to Lashio.50 minUS$ 132

The landscape en route from Shwe Nyaung, via Kalaw, to Thazi is arguably the most beautiful in Myanmar. From Thazi, you can either take the train to Mandalay or to Yangon via Naypyidaw, Taungoo and Bago.
Please note that, with the exception of the Yangon - Mandalay route, all train connections are affected by regular delays and other disruptions caused by climatic, technical and bureaucratic issues. 

The train station is situated 11 kilometres north of Nyaung Shwe (approx. half an hour by taxi). Since you can only purchase the ticket on the day of travel, you should arrive at the train station at 7:00am. at the latest.

All prices are indicated in US$ per person for the respective route.
Please note that you require a copy of your passport to purchase train tickets.
Tickets for the sleeper carriage must be booked four days prior to the date of travel.


Our recommendation:

If you travel by train from Thazi to Mandalay or Yangon, you can stay in one of the rustic hotels in Thazi. It is a 10 minute walk from the train station or you can travel by horse-drawn carriage (approx. 1000 Kyat).

TrainTrain routeDepartureArrivalPrice
    Upper ClassSleeper
142DNShwe Nyaung - Kalaw08:0011:301 
 Kalaw - Thazi11:4519:001.5 
Connections to Mandalay
5UPThazi - Mandalay02:1105:002 
3UPThazi - Mandalay04:5807:452 


TrainTrain routeDepartureArrivalPrice
    Upper ClassSleeper
142DNShwe Nyaung - Kalaw08:0011:301 
 Kalaw - Thazi11:4519:001.5 
Overnight stay in Thazi
12DNThazi - Naypyidaw08:5411:512 
 Naypyidaw - Taungoo11:5414:411.7 
 Taungoo - Bago14:5118:564 
 Bago - Yangon18:5921.001.2 
Buses from Nyaung Shwe

The buses stop above the market on the main street at the Shwe Taung Yoe gate. Please always be at the bus station half an hour prior to departure.

Since 2011, an increasing number of private companies have expanded the supply of express buses. The buses are relatively comfortable and are equipped with air conditioning and reclining seats.

All prices are indicated in US$ per person for the respective route.


Bus routeDepartureArrivalPrice
Shwe Taung10:3017.3013
JJ Express09:0017:3014
Shwe Taung Yoe10:0017:0012
Shwe Nan Daw (VIP Minibus)22:0005:0014


Bus routeDepartureArrivalPrice
Bagan Minn Thar08:0016:0015
Bagan Minn Thar19:0003:0015
Bagan Minn Thar (VIP)20:3004:3018
JJ Express20:3002:3018


Bus routeDepartureArrivalPrice
Taung Pyar Tan16:0005:0017
Mandalar Min18.0006:0017
Mandalar Min (VIP)18:3006:0024
Shwe Nan Taw18:3017:3017
Taung Pyar Tan18:3018:3017